Friday, February 24, 2017

Happy Birthday Aigoola

Lots of new babies on the farm .  Almost daily the numbers are increasing.  Today when the vet was out, the calves got their new earnings.   This will help us to keep track of all of their history and health information, not to mention "who has a name"  In a few weeks we will do the new sheep and goats when they are a little older. 

Yesterday was Aigoola's birthday . 

We are so blessed to have her on the farm as the farm mom.  She has 5 kids of her own and has experienced life in the orphanage system, this, and her caring heart makes her such a blessing to have at the farm.  

This last couple weeks as Jengish and Emma are gearing up for the new season at the guest house, they are also getting the car rentals ready.  The Bahanka just came out of the shop.  It had the body work done and now has a fresh paint job using the box liner armor coating .. ready for just about anything the adventurists throw its way.. 

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