Monday, February 20, 2017

At the center of His will.

And Just like that the young chickens have started laying .  In fact they have started to lay a LOT.  This is great to have fresh eggs on the farm now.  We will be able to use them for the kids and the guests, but also for the food hampers and possibly start selling some as well . 


Winter is still raging , but you would never know it if you look at what is coming out of the green house. 

Soon we will have the second green house up and running, then we will really be producing .. Next up is the tomatoes.  

In the next day or so the final registry will take place and the Mountain ranch will be part of the farm   This is very exciting for us. 

Samat and his family have begun moving out to the farm.  They will stay in the guest house while the house that they will be moving into is being renovated.  It is all exciting .  

Julie and I had planed to spend more time at the farm ourselves this spring,and not as much time in the city,  but the main farm may be full , so I guess we may be spending a little more time at the ranch 

It needs a lot of renovation work as well.. Something that is not in the budget just yet, but we do have a good friend that is going to buy a yurt and keep it at the ranch and come visit it one or two weeks of the year.  Its his time share 😄 so until we get things settled, this might be where you find Julie and I ..   living in a yurt, 6500 feet up on the side of the Himalayan   mountains.   

Our friend Ed told us a long time ago that the very best place to be is at the center of His will.. and no mater where this is .. its going to be awesome.. I wonder if this is what he had in mind. 

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