Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Week 8 green house update.

Well we are eight weeks after planting and things are coming along great ..  We do have a small problem with some sort of infestation .. it seems that the cucumbers closest to the doors have started disappearing ..  I think that the best approach before we try putting out poison is to just put some locks on the doors with a dozen kids just picking one or two a day it is becoming obvious ...  I can't really blame them .. they sure look good .  soon enough there will be plenty for everyone . 

We have started planting the tomatoes for the second green house.  We still need to put in the  heating system, the lighting and the air exchanges.  We thought it as best to work out ll the bugs with the first green house before we finish the second one .. all seems to be working well now so we are confident to move forward .    

We have started back onto the Kindergarten project in town.   We received a grant from the Rotary club  to do all the kitchen stuff.  Some of it arrived yesterday, and next week the big fridge and the commercial stove will be arriving . 

later this week we will be picking up the bunk beds as well . 

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