Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The harvest is starting

The harvest has started .. and today's fresh salad on the farm includes Dill .. as long as they get it all eaten before I get back there I guess that's OK. 

We finally had a few days with out rain and were able to get the first cut of hay in .  It  was much better then we had expected.  the wind rows were good and thick .

They are still keeping up with all the weeding , but with the dry weather it is harder to keep up with the spot watering, so Today they stated watering from the irrigation canals .  They will do this one or two times a week , then in the off days use the hose from the tanks . 

bringing the water into the corn field 

 the next up after the corn was the peas and the carrots 

The cucumbers that they planted in the hanging pots are doing well 

In the apple orchard, we are still cutting the grass rather then pulling it , we are working on building up a strong root base so that we will be able to use this area to graze the chickens and the ducks soon 

The tomatoes are starting to form nicely.. maybe in a few weeks we will be picking them as well 

We have several other fruit trees besides the apples we just planted , like the pear trees

and a few other large mature apple trees 

and the  cherry trees are almost ready to pick 

The  first cabbages are just about ready now, but we will let them get a little bigger before we start picking them 

the romaine lettuce is ready to start picking now as well ,  and the broccoli in the back ground will likely start forming heads in a couple weeks 

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