Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Needs being met

Jengish and Ulukbek checking the cucumbers 

The trip to the mountains with the bees ran into a bit of a sang when the river was to deep and the banks too steep to drive across, so they had to carry the hives on their back 

We got the patio finished at house 5 .  It's great that they won't have to deal with mud from all the rain 

They have started eating the romaine lettuce .. romaine is new there so most people have only seen need lettuce so the large  romaine is pretty special

The leaf and head lettuce is doing well and should be ready any day now 

Now for some great news.   Marat has had donations come in for his operation so we will go ahead and schedule the operations.   For now he will have corrective glasses and special medication to prepare him, then in a couple weeks they will begin.  He will need 2 separate operations on each eye.  

We are so blessed by the out pouring of support for the kids.  We knew that they were going to need a lot of different medical and dental work but had no idea how much .  I think once we get everyone cared for it will be easier to keep up as new kids arrive .  Thank you to our generous sponsors for making it possible  for us to help.

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