Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Medical needs for the kids on the farm.

Once again we are in need of some help.  We have some serious health concerns with needed dental work,   

We knew that it was going to be a lot of money, and we have been trying to get a handle on just how much we need ,  The idea was that we would have them each in for the worst teeth and a quote for the rest so that I could share the need and get some help for them , but even that has proved to be a little overwhelming    Just getting the immediate urgent care for 3 , we will be pushing over $1000 spent from money that we don't really have. Dental care here is cheap by North American standards, but there is just so much work needed.   At this rate it will likely be around $3000 for the FIRST  round , the teeth that are infected or in pain,  for everyone , and who knows how much more after that , but for now we need to get the infections and pain dealt with. Nurrlan (above) is especially difficult because of his cleft pallet, but needs to be done because of the infections he has now.  We also have 2 kids that have problems with their eyes that are so bad that they are suffering with migraine head aces, and their eyes are too bad for a regular eye test at an optometrist and will need to get more in depth testing done at the hospital and special glasses.  
We will have to hold off on further treatment until we can figure out how to cover the $1000 already spent.  I hate to see them in pain and Dental pain is the worst, and that's what got us behind the eight ball right now , but at some point we have to stop and wait for help to arrive.   I wish we could find other ways that we could cut spending to cover this but there is not much wiggle room anywhere right now.. so for now we will just have to wait.  

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