Saturday, June 25, 2016

Planing a holiday for the kids on the farm

 The work continues . Every one has been working hard to stay ahead of the weeds ,  and it shows .

The old shed is coming down now.  They are taking it apart caefully so that we can reclaim the bricks and hope to sell them.  Then this space we will extend the top floor of the barn all the way to the house.  this will make a good drive shed as well as some summer stalls for the cows under cover 

Our new friend Michelle that is visiting the farm this summer is working hard as well .   Its great for her to be able to spend time with the kids.

It finaly stoped raining for a couple days, so they are back at the green house trying to get as much of the wall up as they can before the rain starts again.  The first green house has the walls up and the furnise and pump room have their walls up, now just one more wall on the second grean house.   

Marat has the funding in for his surgery now.  He is so thankful that not only will he not go bling in a couple months, but he will be able to see better then he ever has.  This is such an incredible life changing gift for him.  Thank you for those who steped up to help him.

Emma has been doing great with the goats milk soap and is now ready to start selling it .  For now we will focus on developing a market for it in Kyrgyzstan.   Soap is always a great gift there , even just a regular bar of soap makes a great door prise at gatererings .  If anyone would like to purchas some, we would gladly give it to the seniors home or the orphanages on your behalf .. it would make a great treet for them, and would be something in demand that they could use .  so for every twenty dollars donated , 10 bars of soap will be delivered to those in need .

Very soon the full harvest will be under way at the farm.  Also we have a few new workers there now, so we think it is good timing for them to go on a little holiday to Issy-kool.   Jengishes brothers have opened a camp ground there , and provide everything that is needed right down to the yurts.  

Monday morning we will try to send about  15 people at a cost of $10 each .. they will take a train right from Tokmok to Balachee on the west bank of the lake, then be shuttled out to the camp from there.   Should be a great adventure for them all.

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