Wednesday, March 02, 2016

We have arrived

We had a great trip into Kyrgyzstan .  We had a very long 12 hour layover in Istanbul.  Since we were there for so long, Turkish Airlines treated us to an all expenses payed tour of the Old city.  We were picked up at the airport,  and brought for lunch at the waterfront and treated to a wonderful meal.  From 
there we walked up to the Blue Mosque, the a couple of museums and even to the aqua ducts under the city .  All very interesting, and a great way to spend some forced down time.  
Once landed in Bishkek at 6am, we went for breakfast and a short visit with Bekah before she had to go to school. 
We did have a couple of stops on the way home to Tokmok from there.    \Jengish has been working on a few deals since he got back.  Lets start off by saying that we should have no more of this .. 

We picked up the new farm truck today.  It is a 1990 "tad pole ", a fine old Russian truck, and will be perfect for our needs. 

I was going to drive it back, but since I had been going for over 38 hours at this point, they decided it would be better to have the old owner drive it to Tokmok for us to do the registry.  But I did take a moment and get behind the wheel . 

The truck was a joint effort.  It was first brought up at a lunch visit with our friends from Millebrook Christian Assembly, and they were interested in trying to raise the funds for this, so Jengish started looking .  well a couple days later he found this truck and was able to get a great deal on it if we acted fast .  Then our other friend Jamie who organises a Hockey team "the NPC Rock|" told us that the team had been donating a little at each game, and that they had enough to offer a Match grant for what ever was raised by Millebrook.... 

Our second stop ended up being a little delayed ,  We were supposed to pick up the new tractor, but when we got there the shop was closed and the guy was not answering the phone.. probably off celebrating that he had just sold us this awesome Kabota , 4 wheel drive tractor with rototiller .  It even will take a bucket on the front that we have ordered .  this will be another incredible help in years to come .  We will have to head back to get it tomorrow or the next day. 

We made it home by around 1:00.  got settled and then started getting ready for planting the trees.  WE had a donation of high quality nursery seeds of several different toys of spruce, pine and fur trees.  I also brought with us about 600 little  peat pucks to plant them in .  We will start them off in our apartment balcony, and then as soon as the green house is built, we will move them there.  so the seeds are cooling their heals in the fridge for the night , and the peat pods are all re hydrated, ready to plant tomorrow . 

We made up a list for tomorrow .. we will do a shop early in the day while we have the truck in town, then we will head out to the farm with our friend Sydula who will be heading up the building of the green house.    

We are going to buy a small welder tomorrow, so that the boys can weld some doors for the Automotive shop.   Once doors are on we can bring the building materials for the rest of the building projects and not be concerned about them walking . 

So that's a bit of an update for now.  It is going to be an exciting spring here in Kyrgyzstan, and we are glad you can all join us right here ..

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