Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Day three ,, NPC KG

The team is doing great ,  |The day they arrived they went to church then to the bazaar.  Then back to the farm that night for supper ,  Day two was a work around the farm day.  Painting in the boys house, new stalls for the cows in the farm, then a trip to the Baran tower before supper. Then last night they watched the Lion King in Russian with English sub titles .. and are still singing the songs .. As well Bev has started doing some crafts with the kids.  They love the attention . 

Today we started putting the roof on the poultry barn and cleaning up a last of mess left by the last owners.   Also built a bridge over the irrigation ditch ,  Then we took the kids from the farm to the hot springs and then fishing .. Here are a bunch of the photos of the day .

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