Monday, February 29, 2016

Why the Camino ?

Last night Julie was putting together a little thank you to those who followed along and supported the Camino walk that she and Acel did last fall.   Have you wondered what might have come out of all that walking ?

At about three o'clock this morning, I received word that a young Mom and her baby where no longer living in a difficult situation, and that they were safe with Emma and Jengish.  They have a home to go to, Mother has a job that will be geared to her time and abilities, and they are surrounded by people that will love and care for them. 

So often we here of difficult situations, and think "What can I do?" well because many of you stepped up to support even before we knew the name or the situation, We can act fast, .. We have known this young girl for many years from when Emma became friends with her back in the orphanage system , but un like so many kids, she is not alone.. She has Emma .. and she has you .. Thank you all so much that we have the means to respond .. I will say it again .. THANK YOU.. 

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