Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Almost ready to start canning

Today Kolya is around the front to the house painting and patching .  We are hardly going to recognize the place when we get back .  

They have been slowly but surly getting the site cleaned up where the drive shed was .  Now they can see the mountains and the garden.  The driveway to the barn will be going right through there.   

Back over at Podgrna farm they are making great headway with the Kazan stove .  They have he base almost finished, and the clean out doors ready to go in.  

the wooden door to the left of the stove is the door to the cold seller for the storage of the finished jars .. 

The Kazans we went with are 50 lt (13 gallon)  we will be able to do about  45 jars at a time , one side to cook an the other side to sterilize the jars 

the center between the two will be the chimney  and will be vented up through the roof .  This will also give a window above each Kazan that we can put a hood to send the steam out the windows .

We are so blessed to have had a few donations in toward the canning supplies and the building of the stove like the ones shown below.  I know that those sponsors will be excited to see this come together.  The first donation made it there last week to star construction, and the rest will be there for supplies by the time the stoves are finished next week ..  

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