Wednesday, July 22, 2015

a vision turns to a reality

From the very first time I saw the garage at Podgorna farm , I could envision it being an awesome space to make a canning kitchen.  big space, high ceilings,  big double garage doors opening into the car port, soon to be dinning hall.. it even has a cold cellar to store all the goods.  Maybe it is my training as a commercial chef, but the thoughts of it excited me.  

Garage in May when we bought it .
Over the last few weeks we have been busy painting and cleaning , and putting in the double Kazan cookers.  then arranging all the tables, counters and setting up a work space .  

Today we went into production.. what an exciting time .. Jengish's Mom is the pickle master, so she came out to get them rolling .   

It was just a few weeks ago that we put the call out for help with this . money to build the stove and money for the jars and other canning supplies .. the call was quickly answered and work was completed just in time .. 

The entire space is in use , inside and out .. 56 feet of counter space filled with jars .

Emma is pealing and adding the garlic 

a huge assembly line was set up .. 

Tanya came by to pick up produce for the mens home 

 All that canning, and we hardly made a dint in the pickles, and were still able to send extra food to the 270 men at the mens home .  Today the mens home , yesterday was the Red river orphanage with 120 kids .. Take a look at what the extra's were today .. Squash, pumpkins, spaghetti squash , watermelons, beats, cornflour, zucchini, cucumbers, corn, beans, egg plants and onions . 

One more time I would like to thank everyone that trusted with us to buy food shares and help us put the seed into the ground .. 

It was a little early, but the workers got a special treat today .. sweet corn.  generally in Central Asia they eat what we have as cattle corn, so this sweet  tender treat was extra special.   

The new cucumber plants have just pocked their heads through the plastic, so its time to fertilize them. 

The Chinese long beans are ready to start harvesting now as well. 


I think they will be a big hit in tomorrows food drops .

We have only sold 62% of the food shares, so we will eventually try to set up some sales in Kyrgyzstan, but that will take time and a little leg work.. As you can see with everything going on, that's just too much to have Jengish and Emma doing, so for now they will just give it all away, and when I get there next month we can start working on a few sales out lets for our goods.  

Maybe some one would like to buy a few more shares, and we have 38 left, they are just $60 each, no doubt, well worth every penny .  

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