Monday, March 17, 2014

Living in the land of Miracles

Emma was hard at it again today , delivering more food ,  here she is bringing flour and oil to one of the orphanages.  She also brought a few cleaning supplies .. at the end of every long cold winter, the cleaning supplies are always in hi demand.  when things get tight, they are one of the fist things to get cut .. so we will see what we can do to get some more for them soon . 

delivering oil and flour 

bringing some food and fellowship to one of Emma's girls at school in the city  

Grandma is happy with her groceries 

Sabira and Emma having a visit 

Auxana is doing well , her house was nice and warm and everyone happy .. nice to see.. they say hi to Dave !  

So while Emma was busy in Kyrgyzstan, Julie and I were on the road again , this time we were in Quebec.  We were so blessed and encouraged with the hospitality .. We are at home when we get there , and never want to leave .   I shared the message " Living in the land of miracles" ...

ferry across the Ottawa river 

We arrived home to a message that 45 cases of vitamins had arrived in town for us to bring to Kyrgyzstan with us ....
45 cases of vitamins bound for orphanages and those in need  in Kyrgyzstan 

This was a result of the hard work of a wonderful Lady who heard a similar message a few weeks ago, and set out determined to fill our bags, not only that, The extra baggage fees for about 5 extra bags covered as well ..  then I picked up the mail and there was a check  ( well actually it was a cheque as it came from a Canadian donor ) to  cover a weeks of MAD money outings with Cody .. 

We have a couple days home now, helping to prepare for a fundraiser for friends heading to Haiti in another month, along with a few meeting and gatherings in the area.  At the end of the week we will be on our way for the weekend to Cincinnati Ohio to bring some more updates, but more importantly for us , having an opportunity to visit with some very special friends.   

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