Friday, March 07, 2014

Follow up from earlier blanket challenge ..

  A couple weeks ago , the blanket challenge was for medical needs .. two of the men at the mens home were in bad shape and getting worse, They were not expected to pull out of it , but your help came just in time, and they were able to get the help that they needed, and both of them are feeling much better and are up and around again ..   Both Zamira and Murat are special to me , so it is an extra special blessing for me that you guys stepped in to help.. A few weeks from now, I will be with them again made possible by your generosity .. 
Today Tanya writes 
   "Thank you very much.
We can helped made all analyses for Zamira and Murat  and help him  treatment . 
Thanks a lot for opportunity to help Zamira  and Murat we could carry  them to hospital and made many analyses.  We made many analyses - ultrasound of heart, a X-ray and it is a lot of others.  Bought different pills which were appointed by the doctor .Now they  are  drink tablets.  Their health is already much better." 

Zamire looking over his medical files 

John,Julie  thanks a lot for pencils, felt-tip pens, paints and miscellaneous … … … … … .it is very necessary help. We draw much and we paint. Boys so like to  draw. Now we draw not brushes but  fingers  it is very useful for disabled . Murat already visits our lessons of drawing. Today he can came on a wheelchair   and  painted a joyful and warm picture and it was very good  (he was ill 2 months but after treatment all ok thank you very much now we can see his smile ).you so much

Murat is feeling better and back at art class 

Men studying in the library
time in the relaxation room 

Tanya helping the men at art class 

a masterpiece 
 Just a reminder that today is the last day of the Blanket challenge for Jenishes dream of a transition home .  as you can see not much has happened with this.  If you would like to incourage him, now would be a good time ..

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