Thursday, May 03, 2012

the meat and potatoes

yesterday we had a great visit to the dump and to the village .  This time we brought them large bags of pasta , and new t shirts.

We then went to the village for tea and a visit .  everything on the table was grown and made in the village.  We had about 6 different types of preserves and fresh breads .  The  topic turned to the fishing trip to the mountains.  I explained that with the visa difficulties, I was  not able to make the trip at this time as we are running low on funds.. 

Then the team had a quick discussion, and offered to take them fishing ..not sure if they realized it was the whole village ..hahaha. 

You should have seen and heard the excitement , they were soooo happy .. This Saturday, us, the team, and  over 120 of our dear friends  will be heading on a fishing trip .. 

I asked them what we need to bring, and they said that as long as you have a lot of meat and potatoes, you have everything you need for a good fishing trip.... so we will make sure to have lots on hand . 

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