Thursday, May 17, 2012

Learning what it is to LOVE and BEE LOVED

This morning we were out bright and early to head for a very special meeting out at the rehab centre .

had a little visit with Andy Wallace..

a field of peppers 

An exciting moment for Jengish and the men when the first of the funds arrived for the chicken project.
great timing for a couple reasons ,  but one of them is because Today Jengish and the men graduated from "Chicken School" where they have been learning the business... now they are ready to start .. just $2500 to go to be in full production.. we will wait on the rest , but for now we can get the barns up and ready to go. This was a $10 000 project that we have been working on as a micro loan to help the centre become self  sufficient
. ( one of the needs mentioned in the post )

As I walk around this little farm, I am always so impressed how well treated the animals are, and what good shape they are in, but most of all friendly that are.  Take the rabbits for example.. in to the hundreds, yet every one of them is as tame as if they were individually hand raised. A true sign that the person caring for them not only cares, but truly Loves them...

Its funny , Jengish mentioned today, almost in an insulted tone... " we got some new bees .. not sure what's wrong with them,  they aren't very friendly ... YET "  maybe in time , they  too will also learn what it is to be LOVED

Hay Jengish .. maybe they  just have a complex because their hives  haven't been painted like the rest

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