Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Emma's Birthday Celebrations

Every year when Emma's birthday comes around, she uses her birthday money to do something for the kids .  Today was no different.  We had a sponsor who had asked that we take Slavic shopping, and Emma decided that his friends should join in as well as they have no one .  It was a great time .. the hardest part of the day was walking out of the orphanage with only the three of them.  and not a couple dozen.  I would have loved to bring more, but for now we can only do what we can do.. 

Slavic and his buddies, shopping for new caps 

soap, shampoo, and deodorant 

Three cool kids  with all new outfits.. shoes, socks, underwear, shorts and t-shirts. 

and of course ... funky new hats . they had a great day 

Kolya joined us as well, and got a few new summer clothes as well. We asked him how he was doing in school, he said "GREAT" ... since he got his glasses he has gone from a poor student, to now being the TOP of his class.. he was so pleased , and thank full. 

What to have for lunch ?

Slavic deciding what to have 

All these years later , and they still look like brother and sister 
except Kolya is the taller one now
(photo from 4 years ago today ) We are so blessed that we can continue to be a part of his life. 

Then Emma got a call from Jonah . 

Then to finish off the day , Emma's other family all came for supper.  Thank you to Lynn and Ruby for all the food you left .. They all loved it.
Cindy LaJoy Emma, God is using you in extraordinary ways, and it is a joy to watch as your life unfolds. Thank you for being an example of a young woman I can point to when speaking to my own daughters about what being a young woman in our world today should look and act like

Ron Hughes A very Merry Birthday young lady! Keep following your dreams because they sure have the hand print of God on them.

Jackie Denny Day Happy Birthday Sweet Emma! You are an awesome example of what a Christian young lady should be. I honor & admire you for your committment to the Lord and to what He has called you to do. I pray your day is wonderfully blessed!!!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks John and your family for all they and you do. Watching Slavic grow is awesome. He has brought a joy I didn't know I could feel. Also to see his friends and the great time they had brought tears of joy to my face. I will be in touch soon Greg and Jennifer