Sunday, November 13, 2011

Three of the orphans we would like to have join us for Christmas

I don't know how many remember this story. Mother died two years ago, and last year the father got sick. There are actually three girls, the two here and an older sister suffered head trauma and has been left developmentally delayed. The two younger girls worked to look after there father and sister until this summer when the father also died. They were left with a home falling down, and only an income of about $ a week they earn cleaning and doing dishes and any other work they can find.They continue to look after their sister, and are trying to finish school as well.
when ever we have a little money come in, we have Larisa stop in to bring them a little food. Vlady and the boys spent a couple weeks there fixing the house,

When Jody and Gabriel were there last month, they bought them some coal for the winter. These girls are in such a vulnerable state.. Some one has to be there for them.. I am so thankful for our team members that have taken that on .

I would like to include these three girls in one of the Christmas parties, and I know that the vitamins would mean the world to them.... BUT for that to happen.. we need you...

A donation to the pie challenge of $30 make this possible... Please take a moment and give us a hand.

It does not have to stop there... we are looking for a permanent sponsor for these girls.. If you think that might be you.. please let me know and we can set up a monthly sponsorship.

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