Monday, November 21, 2011

A need brought to my attention just now .

One of the many areas that we support is a medical program. Life is hard enough in Kyrgyzstan, but when some one gets sick, life can become unbearable. We come along side families that require medical help of all types.. Cancer , Cleft palates, Hydrocephalus, heart conditions , you name it, we have helped. Every request that comes to us from our friends I respond to with .. Get me a picture... a picture often allows us to do preliminary work with the Dr's as well as provide us a before picture for potential sponsors, then we require after photo's for the records and for the sponsor.. it is an important part of how the system works... Before and after photo's are also very important to show those in need the past successes.. they often have not had any positive experiences with the medical system, and are very afraid, but seeing previous successes helps to relax them.

A photo is simple for us .. every foreigner in Kyrgyzstan has a camera in there pocket or around their neck... and some times both.. not to mention their i phone . Did you know that for many Kyrgyz, seeing a photo of themselves is still unheard of. In fact in the past we ave helped groups and organizations in Kyrgyzstan to purchase a community camera that they all share.

As we strive to empower nationals, and come behind them to support the programs so that they not only have ownership, but so that they can continue in our absence, it is necessary to equip them with the tools that they need. One of those tools that we need is a camera. Our friend that heads up the medical program that is such an important part of the connection with the hospitals , is back in the US until March. Now I am sure that they miss her for much more then her camera, BUT.. they sure do miss the camera.. we need to get them back into effective work , and that means that I need to bring them a good camera.

So here we are 3 days from the end of the pie in the face challenge, thousands of dollars to go to meet our target , and I am looking for a sponsor to help me purchase the camera. First reaction would be to wait until we finish one thing before starting another, but I have come to learn that it is not my responsibility to direct where donations come from or where they go... and very possibly some one that has already sponsored a pie, or may never sponsor a pie will feel a call to action here .. We all know the cost of camera's and the wide range of quality .. so I will leave this one open, and what ever comes in designated toward a camera for the medical team will be fantastic, and we will bring them a camera next month that matches the donation.

PS. the pie challenge is now over the 10 000 mark .. what a blessing

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