Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I must be nuts !

I was just reading a post from friends of ours that are on there way to Kyrgyzstan ... I know that I should be reading this and thinking OH my I am glad thats not me... or at least I should be dreading it...especialy since I am not much of a traveler, but I must be nuts or something because I read this and get more excited....


What happens when you travel to Kyrgyzstan? Well, first you get up very early and travel to the Toronto Airport - then endure the new security to the US...2 1/2 hours later you are at your gate to wait for your flight. THIS IS MONDAY!

You arrive into New York, JFK's aiport at around 11:30am and have a LONG wait to catch your flight at 7:05pm to Moscow. IT IS STILL MONDAY!

Board the plan to Moscow with a "million" others who are from across the pond and really don't understand the North American culture of queing! Finally - luggage stowed properly we take our seats for the 9 1/2 hours flight to Moscow. IT IS STILL MONDAY!

TUESDAY AROUND 1PM IN THE AFTERNOON we arrive into Moscow and head for the Transit Desk for persons traveling through without a visa for Russia. We convinced the transit desk to allow us a pass for the nice lounge with nice chairs. Away we go - and it is TUESDAY.

NOW WE WILL WAIT another 9 hours to board our flight to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. When we arrive it will be WEDNESDAY. From the airport it is about one hour home...whew...now, isn't that exciting? We think so.

Check Lynn's response - see the picture above. And - he cannot get his computer to go on line, so I am safe for a little while!

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David and Jayne Schooler said...

We all are a tad "nuts"....nothing rationale explains this!

See you over there SOON