Monday, December 15, 2008

Big mean dog... follow-up

"Just over one week ago I met the most amazing group of people. People who I had never spoke to, seen or met before. But less then 12
hours after meeting them I cried like I was leaving a best friend behind."


Christmas is a time of year that we love to have family and friends over for dinner... It just starts to get a little more complicated when that dinner party you are hosting between your family and new friends takes place on the other side of the world. Last week, we had the privilege of hosting a dinner party in the village. This was a special event... you may remember the story, One of our readers...Ann... had heard the story of the stolen animals from Aygola's family, and sent money for them to purchase a BIG MEAN DOG... Well this story has taken an interesting twist.
Ann contacted me a couple of weeks ago to see if I could offer her any suggestions, she had been given permission to visit her adoptive daughter at the orphanage in Central Asia, and was wondering what kind of food to get for the party.... We have always tried to be as transparent as we could with any support we receive, so this was a perfect opportunity for everyone.... We asked Ann if we could have her out to the house to see the Dog and the beautiful family that she had helped... So many of you have put your trust in us over the years. I always say that I can understand our burden, we have seen first hand and the people we are helping are our friends, and many are now like family, But for so many to have the faith to send support with no opportunity to meet the people personally is incredible to me... I don't know if I will ever get over the generosity of complete strangers... Anyone that has lost faith in humanity just has to look back through the posts on this blog and they should have there faith restored. All that to say Ann and her friend that was also visiting in Central Asia that week were able to go for a visit....
The kids were so excited that they were going to have the opportunity to meet the lady that had brought comfort and safety to their family... Also in a way, they were not just putting on a meal for Ann, but they were putting on meal for us and for everyone that has supported us...
If you go over to Ann's blog you can read all about the adventure , and some of our other friends that she met along the way. ... She has divided the day into several posts, and I am sure that she will post more in the future..


Ann said...

John I am so honored to be able to have this whole opportunity.I just can not thank You, your family, Anya, Sergey, the kids in Tokmok, Aygola and her children Acel, Talant, Melody, Devina, and Malika's family enough for the day, the evening and the night we spent together. We were truly blessed by this unexpected gift from all of you and from God who brought us all together!

Dan Bailey :) said...


Thanks for the link to Annes' blog, it was comforting to see the faces of our family in Kyrgyzstan again. We have been blessed wih the opportunity to have all of this as part of our life story, to tell tales, to be the rain in a desert,

Dan :)