Thursday, December 18, 2008

Our new angel

For years now we have been looking for just the right angel to go on the top of our Christmas tree... I think I have just found one.. I am going to print this, cut it out and use it for our angel ... this is Aysulu at a Christmas concert. I just received this photo along with a letter from some of our kids ...

Hello dear John, Julie, Emma and Bekah.
I now learn in the English lesson,
and I have lessons extra for Russian, and mathematician. Very soon I will go in
the school in" Akbata". Every Sunday we together go in the church. We now with
Sergey and Anya and this is very nice time for us. Today Sergey bought for me a
sport shoes, I am so happy, is good for me, now I can go in the sport lessons
big tennis, and when you come back I will show how I can play.
I, Kumushay"
I learn well and I try. My dance lessons is every Tuesday and Thursday. We like
be in Sergey's family. Thank you what wrote for us e-mail. We like see your
family and every time when we see we to smile. Now we think about you. Very soon
Christmas day will be great see you, but I know what you in Canada.
Aysulu " I can count from 1 to 20 in English, I very like see your foto what you
gave for me, I love you and miss you. In the kindergarten we dance, and I try
doing well, I like play with doll, yesterday we was in the church and I have
many prezents. In kindergardan I eat very well and sleep. I like draw. We wait
you. I love you. One my teeth fell."
God bless you.
With love.
Kumushay, Alymbek and Aysulu.


Dan Bailey :) said...

And that, my friends, is Christmas.

I'm reminded of the starfish on the beach story again, that thay can be saved one at a time. But when you have two hands, they can be saved two at a time, and when you have four people, eight at a time. And when the whole beach is filled with people they all can be saved.

Also, reminded that we may only be one person in this world, but we can me the world to one person, one family, one village, one nation, one world.

Also, reminded what happens when good seed is planted.

Stay the course,



Lori said...

What a beautiful, beautiful Angel...and that's just her heart!
She's gorgeous too!!!

Anonymous said...

"If one person dreams, the dream remains a dream, but if we dream together, that dream becomes a reality" Olde African Proverb

She is my choice for that ever elusive, perfect, tree topping angel too (right beside Marina, Valera & Oksana!)

David and Jayne Schooler said...

It only takes one person to believe they can make a difference...than the idea catches on...and more believe. Thanks John, Julie and girls for making us realize that we, too, can pick up some starfish along the way.

See you soon...over there!