Monday, December 03, 2007

The shirt off your back !

Do you remember a few weeks back I posted a letter from Blair about his trip to Central Asia. Here is part of that letter.....

"On a visit to Anatoly to see the after pic of his home he mentioned that he needed a few things (pants, a sweater & some medicine). We took a collection amongst ourselves & gave it to Leyana who bought them for him. I don't know who was more thrilled Anatoly, Leyana or us. Needless to say we were so blessed to be there."

I thought I would fill you in a little about Anatoly. Anatoly and his wife live on $12 a month. His was one of the first home makeovers that was done in Central Asia .
in this photo Ed has taken off his own shirt
and put it on Anatoly

This is his Kitchen

Here is a photo of Anya working on his house

It's hard sometimes to think about the future that's in store for the kids in the orphanages..... but the future is still ahead of them... there's hope...but for these seniors their past is set in stone. The best we can hope for is to restore a little dignity.

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