Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A McJoyful Christmas 2007 begins.....

In the wee small hours of Christmas morning, while most of the country was still sleeping, The Nelder family along with a few of their friends headed for the airport to begin the long journey. They are going out for supper... At McDonald's.....in Nepapatrosk (Ukraine). They are going to assist with the Mcjoyful Christmas program.

Every year, Loads of Love and Possibilities International take thousands of Orphans to McDonald's......or the nearest thing to it. Imagine the excitement when these kids , many whom have never been out of the orphanage before, get to go out for Christmas dinner.
While the rest of us may be considering whether or not to send $10 to pay for 1 orphan (this includes a years supply of vitamins) , this small group lead by Jamie has has stepped forward and answered the "Keith Green" Call..... "How about me not Just sending my money this time, How about me going."

As you can Imagine , taking 4000 orphans out for dinner does not happen all in one day.... the excitement will be continuing in countries all over the former Soviet Union for weeks to come... If you want to be a part of the blessing this year, you can donate at the Possibilities International Web sight....If you want to be a part of the blessings in the future.... why not GO ?

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