Friday, December 07, 2007

The Miracle Rope

When In town, we are looking forward to helping out at the training centre. I recieved an email from Ed today with a story about one of the students.... I thought you might be interested ....

In 1997 we started a small training centre in Central Asia, called Light of Asia, which we hoped would provide a new foundation for young people who really wanted to change their lives and their communities. Since then, over *500* students have graduated! This is one student's story that has to be told!
When Rosa was a young girl her father beat her mother so badly that she, in desperation, took her own life. At the funeral, little Rosa found out that her mother had doused herself with gasoline and set herself on fire. Rosa's father, then did the unthinkable - he threw the children out of the house. They moved to a small shack in a nearby field. Rosa's brother then left for Russia to find work. This left Rosa and her sisters on their own. Later on, Rosa tried to hang herself, but the rope broke.

In an amazing twist, in Russia, Rosa's brother was taken to a church and his life was changed forever. Excited, he returned home to tell his sisters. Rosa's father had disappeared. Rosa became a Christian and one month later, her pastor told her that she had the potential to be a real leader and asked if she would consider attending our college. Rosa later told me that she thought she wasn't holy enough! :)

While Rosa was at the college, her pastor called to tell her that her brother, sisters and a group of new believers were now meeting in their home every week! The house of suffering had become a *place of hope*! Then a few weeks later, her pastor called again, this time Rosa was not prepared for the news. Her father had returned home, asked the children for forgiveness, and was now the newest member of the Place of Hope! You know ... I thank God for that miracle rope! :)

For only $300, we can fully sponsor an amazing student, like Rosa, to live and study at the college ... and change the world!
Ed Dickson
To can contact Ed by folowing the links at the side of the page.
You know it is through people like Rosa that have "been there and done that" that we are going to make the greatest inroads in CHANGE in Central Asia..they come at things with a perspective that most of us will never fully grasp.....thankfully.

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