Saturday, August 11, 2007

Where is Mogley Now

This is Mogely ( middle ) with a couple of his friends, He was a really friendly kid that hung out with the team working at the orphanage. When Mogely was just a baby his father broke him in half and threw him out with the trash. The last time we were in that orphanage, mogely had just turned 16 and would be soon leaving. One of the guys on the team wanted to do something special , so he gave Mogely his watch. The next day, Mogely was not there. When we asked around, we were just told that he could not come out today..... every day it was the same thing. Then when it was almost time to leave, we decided to find out for sure what had happened to him. We found out that the other kids had tried to take the watch from him, and the noise had drawn the attention of the Government worker. Seeing the watch, she decided to keep it for herself
, but did not want us to know so she locked him in a room upstairs . When we would come and go we would see him waving from a little window on the top floor ..........I wonder where he is now!

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Mala said...

John, this breaks my heart. How can people be so cruel. I hope that some day your question will be answered and you will find Mogley happy and safe.