Tuesday, June 13, 2023

We are back .. sorry for the break in the posts!

I should probably start this post with an apology to our many faithful followers , like Pat who actually sent word to see when I would post next !. This last two months has been an incredible time for us . Getting back into the swing of things hosting teams and getting reconnected with many people that we support.   We also had so much to do with planting and renovations , and spending time with our kids on the farm.  

I thought that maybe today I would give you a quick over view of the last couple months, then every couple days I will focus on a week until I get caught up.  

We were so excited to  have our friends from Minnesota come early in the season to help us set up for the summer  

They even brought some seniors out shopping in a grocery store for the first time , then another first .. out for supper in a restaurant. 

A few days after the Minnesota team left we had Paul come .  He is supported by many of the same groups that we are.  He came to encourage many of the those doing the work , but most of all he was a great encouragement to Julie and I .. He put a fresh wind in our sails.  

The next team from Petrolia was wild .  They helped us reconnect with so many groups and villages that we have helped in the past .  

So many very special moments 

Orphans, widows,  the disabled, bright young kids with a bright future ahead .. entire villages were impacted by their Love . 

Lots of work done around the farm as we expand the kitchen and patios at the ranch . 

Stay tuned for more in depth updates as we not only share photos , but process the impact of this last couple months ourselves. 

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