Friday, June 16, 2023

The first 10 days in Kyrgyzstan .

We arrived at the farm just a few days before the first team from Minnesota.  There was so much to do to get ready for them , as well as delivering the seeds, we had lots of shopping to do .  It was great to have an extra driver on the farm.  Ruslan completed the drivers classes and not only got the regular licence, but he got just about every class possible. This means that he can drive the porter on coal and food deliveries as well as water runs.   

When the team came, they helped us put up the yurts for the season as well as lots of other little jobs around the farm.  

They spent lots of time with the boys on the farm as well .  they went shopping for summer clothes and out for lunch. 

One of the jobs on the farm was to help us finish up the renovations on the  corner rooms, giving us more space for guests.  

The rooms turned out great 

We used river rocks to do a bit of landscaping to make it look a little more appealing . 

They spend lots of time visiting and playing games.  They even made a game in the shop that the kids can play .  Then on the teams last day they were at the skate board park in Bishkek where they gave out skate boards as well 

One very exciting day, we had Tanya choose 5 of her Babushkas that she helps , and bring them to the grocery store . Most had never been to a big grocery store before, and certainly never spent $100 on groceries before.. but this day as different.  We helped each of them with a huge shop then drove them home so they could get things that they normally never get.   We then took them out to a restaurant.... another first .. they had such a good time , and so did we .  

With the Minnesota team came a huge donation of gourmet hole bean coffee .   One of the guys on the team works as a Barista and his employer  was a real blessing to us .   

After the team left we had a few days before our next guest, so we did some work on the memorial tree garden .  We added a stone that we will make a plaque for , as well as a Tamarac tree for Julies mom and dad and brother and a Sumac tree for my dad.  

We were encouraged that the other trees we planted last fall had all survived the winter 

We did have one tree that is having a little trouble .  It had an encounter with the new lawn mower, but it is marked and caged and has started to come back so hopefully it survives. 

My next post I will be sharing about the next team .. a team of ONE .. Turned out to be one of the most impactful teams we have had... stay tuned . 

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