Saturday, August 13, 2022

Help Needed.

 For some time now we have been wracking our brains to come up with some kind of fundraiser for our operating fund.  We are still thinking about it, but maybe the best and most efficient plan is to just come out and ask. 

The operating fund does not only cover our basic operating expenses like salaries and the operation of the farm, but it also covers so much more. Like when we are alerted to a problem somewhere and we send our people to see and assess the situation. $$$. When we get a call that there is a youth on the street needing help .$$$    When the car needs maintenance or repairs $$$.  when a family needs food and we are not doing a full food drive at the time $$$.   When we have to do un expected medical follow up after helping with an operation $$$.  It seems like every day we have small items of need, but not big enough to do a fundraiser for, but they do add up.   These things are covered from our general fund. 

This spring and summer has been particularly difficult for us.  You guys have been fantastic to help us meet the needs that we have posted, but since the attack on Ukraine, many peoples  finances have been stretched, and there has been a dramatic decrease in the un designated giving to the general fund. 

We have managed to meet the budget until now, but the end of the month is coming and I no longer have the luxury of time to figure out a grand fundraiser.  So for now all I can do is ask for help.  Please consider making a donation to our general fund so that we can continue to meet the needs as they arrise . 

 We are blessed that we can share this Burdon with you.   It is coming up 15 years that we have had our shoulder to the plow, and look forward to many more years of  blessing others as the needs arise. 

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