Friday, August 26, 2022

A busy week

Canning is still in full swing.  tomatoes and peppers , tomato sauce, tomato juice and every combination there of. 

But first let me share about some of our outreach projects this week .  We have a friend visiting with us and we are taking advantage of this time to get aid out to some of the more reaching areas .. from Narin to Jalalabad and so many places in between .  Both men's and women's rehab centres, 3 orphanages a school for the disabled and food hampers delivered to over 100 families. 

Next week Dave will start delivering coal with us. 

Back to the canning at the farm . Ravils Mother came out for the day to help us get caught up. 

while with us we had some other guests stop buy the farm, so it was a good time to make lugman.  its always fun to try flipping lugman for the first time .  

The boys have been doing a lot of cooking on the farm this summer . Today it was Dustan's turn.  

Dustan is ready to go back to school next week .  We have $250 in towards his tuition and books , just need $500 to make it possible for him . 

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