Friday, March 25, 2022

Five more sleeps

Many hands make light work .. or so the saying goes, but I have done a lot of renovations and I am not sure that the work is any lighter .. just less of it ..... if you are not the foreman . 

We have a great foreman working with the boys teaching them as we go. Everything from construction, to welding and body work and car mechanic's, we are blessed with his expertise and willingness to teach .  

I had explained to Ravil that the boys all get a salary from the farm and if they are working at his place they are not working on the farm, so he is not to pay them, but he is allowed to feed them .. I was thinking bread and calabaza . but he had something a little nicer in mind.  

While they were working , something did come up . They are in the rain and snow season right now, and Serge's roof has started to leak 

I have changed things up a bit this spring. We had several building projects that we were going to address, but now with the economic down turn brought on by the war in Ukraine and with it understandable redirection of donations,  we really need to tighten the purse strings .. But some things can not be left un done .. With the mud block houses, in no time at all a small leak can cause major structural damage, so we will need to address this right away some how. 
Just before the war started we had ordered a bunch of vitamins in three separate orders as the funds were available . This week we received that third delivery . .. Here they are below along with David .. both of David's parents are Deaf .  they are part of the Blind and Deaf society that we try to help when we can . 

Today was meal day for some of the kids in Bishkek that we have over for a meal once a week . This makes sure we can get a good meal into them, some food to take home to cook and some times a bit of tuition or rent money ... but most important, they know that they are not alone. 

We are getting excited to return to Kyrgyzstan.  Five more sleeps and we are on our way back .


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