Monday, March 07, 2022

Deliveries arriving

It was an exciting day for many when the second delivery of vitamins arrived .. These ones include the pre- natal  which are in high demand.

Tanya has been busy delivering food hampers to those in need  They are so blessed to have help. This is especially true now .. after a long and difficult winter with power shortages, now they are facing a free fall in their currency and a food shortage in the stores with terrible inflation since the beginning of the war in Ukraine

In the apprenticeship program we have just had an order for tables and shelving which will give the kids experience under the watchful eye of Sergey  

We were able to get the fields fertilized 

and we have a new baby calf on the farm from Carol Anne 

The seeds have made it to Kyrgyzstan.  They were held up because of the war, so we are relieved that they arrived and will be able to pick them up on Wednesday at which point we will breath a sigh of relief. 


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