Thursday, July 08, 2021

"My power is made perfect in your weakness "

"My power is made perfect in your weakness "

I have been struggling with things , including the reopening and getting back on the road and sharing .. and doing it with out power point or other forms I am used to indoors .. I have a learning disability so my style is one of showing pictures and telling stories about them since I can not focus to track notes.. As I have thought and payed about this , the scripture came to me about how Gods Power is made perfect in my weakness..... In that case, I am sure that this is going to be one powerful message hahaha.. because I have plenty of weakness to go around.  

This lead me to think about just about everything that we do and who we work with at the farm and out in the community , and I see this over and over .. how in our weakness at the time, I see His power move in a might way ..   Here is a short glimpse at just a few examples of that 

Over 5000 families blessed with food packages 

Thousands of loaves of bread given free in stores to those in need 

Oxygen concentrators  delivered set up in  homes of those too sick to travel 

Over a dozen other organizations helped along the way as their burdens over took their resources .... Organizations like homeless shelters, blind society, adopt a babushka, rehab centres, youth out reach centres and more . 

support to medical clinics and their staff.. equipment, medications and food 

hundreds of families blessed with coal for the winter as well as more food supplies 

Seeds program saw about 400 families provided with the seeds to plant gardens this summer . 

several out door youth and Children's events as well as conferences and opportunity to take a break at the kashar 

 Three new boys at the farm this spring 


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