Monday, July 19, 2021

Luba will be missed

Today we lost a wonderful, kind , generous, and hard working Saint.  Tanya's Grandmother passed away a few hours ago from covid.  She had gone for medical tests a couple weeks ago and contracted covid in the hospital .  

To give you an idea of how hard life was for her, One of the first times I met her almost 15 years ago, she had just arrived home from work.  She had been weeding a neighbours garden.. I asked her what her pay would be for a full 12 hour day .. she replied " OH I don't get paid, I get to keep the weeds "  ..  

Over the years, with Larisa and now Tanya  we have literally  reached out to Thousands of people in her village.  Behind every food delivery, and outreach was Grandmother .. cooking, packing bags .. even just a couple months ago she was busy everyday cooking for families at the dump and men at the men's home . 

This is going to be a very difficult time for Tanya as she is still in hospital herself , and now having this on her mind .. Please remember her in your prayers ... We love you Tanya .. you are not alone .. 


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