Wednesday, August 05, 2020

The light at the end of the tunnel has been turned back on.

We have been getting some great reports out of Kyrgyzstan .  the second wave of the covid has began to get under some control.  For the first time in weeks the field hospital has no patients right now. 

It took some time for people to recognize the importance of wearing  masks in public,  but once it became obvious with family and friends sick and dying all around them it reach an undeniable state.  Now with safe distancing, disinfecting and masks they are getting things under control.  Many are still being treated at their own homes which is working well and keeping people quarantined .   We have seen some incredible people rise up during this crisis , from those helping to package and distribute food, those putting their own lives on the line to organize volunteers in the hospitals , the portable oxygen unit volunteers , the tired and worn out Drs and nurses who have been working 14 day shifts, and those of you who have given sacrificially to purchase the food and medical supplies that make this possible . 

There is still a huge mountain to climb before this is over and we can't stop now, but it sure is nice to see that the light at the end of the hospital has been turned back on.

The produce is coming in nicely now at the farm, and we have been able to start produce drops,  Yesterday there were two big drops sent to a women's and  a men's rehabilitation center .

Today they are busy digging and bagging up some potatoes. 

Our Holstein cow had a calf a couple days ago.  This is great news for us. Last year she did not get pregnant even though we had the vet out 3 or 4 times , and this year it was looking the same.  We had her inseminated with a high end pure bred Holstein.  The calf is a girl so that's great news .   

and the milk is back...

Now join me as we take a moment and look at some pretty flowers from the garden . 

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