Thursday, August 15, 2019

"I get by with a little help from my friends."

Well it has been quite a week.  We celebrated our God daughters wedding on Saturday.  I was the caterer for the dinner .. it was a little difficult with a cathator in but if I just took my time and was super organized it all went with out a hitch . 
I did enlist the help of a good friend who came and did the bending and lifting for me ... I am blessed to have guys like him ready to help out . 

I have had some help around the house as well. I had planed to do so much work this last couple weeks  but have been blesses with some help around the house too ... in fact just this morning Aiden helped Jengish cut the grass 

There has been lots of work going on in Kyrgyzstan as well .. Sergey just sent the latest photos of the rebuild of the house that burned.  , if you look at the last post you will see some of the before pictures . 

We have a team coming in a few weeks , and would like to help with back to school stuff as well as getting ready for winter .. blankets etc. as well they will need some furniture ..  Its hard to put a price on what all that will cost, but I am sure what ever comes in will be the perfect amount . 

The farm is doing well .. a couple years ago we planted some apple trees .. They were just sticks that were about 2 feet long .. today they are about 8 feet and covered with apples . 

Tomorrow I will be going into the hospital for a scope and am praying that they are able to fix what ever it is I have going on at that time ..

one last update ..  Our students have arrived safely in Cincinnati.  There was a delay with the last flight and they had to spend 14 hours in the Chicago airport.  Oh the wonders of world travel .. But they finally made it to Cincinnati, and are excited about what the next year will bring .. Thank you to everyone who has been supporting our tuition and scholarship fund . The difference in the lives of these kids will be seen for a life time .

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