Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Congratulations Baktygul and and Yasin

Many of you may remember Baktygul. We first met her in the orphanage when she was about 10 years old.  When she was 15 she ca me to live with us while she was going to school then to nursing collage.  Last year she worked in Turkey for a work and travel program .  It was then that she met Yasin.  Yasin is a very kind and caring man and we are sure that they will be happy together.   This is a picture of her today,  and below is a picture of Baktaygul and Emma about eight years ago when she came to live with us. 

Here is more exciting news .  Many of you will also know another young lady ,  She has worked with us as a translator and helper with families we help as well as translating and helping with teams.  So here is the news .  She has been excepted to an awesome school in Cincinnati and as of today she has received her student visa .  She has also received a great scholarship  that includes her school, activity fees and housing and living expenses .  Total that we need to raise for her is $4000 to cover the flight, visa fees and tuition.  We have a few weeks to raise this , We have known for a bit but had to wait until we had confermation of a visa before we started raising funds . 

I will post some more in a couple days about the school.  Sergey and Anya's boys have also been excepted to the school as well..  And so begins the education fundraising .. we also have at least eight other students from the farm that will be needing tuition.  So here we go again with our summer fundraising for tuition needs.. Again this year we will need to raise $15 000 for everyone, so if you would like to help, please just write TUITION in the memo line when you use the donation button on the top right of the blog.   This is a figure that has scared me every year for the past 10 years, and some how every year the need is met, so we know it is possible , but then ALL things are possible with God. 

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