Tuesday, August 28, 2018

time to get proactive

I had a friend that challenged my thinking one day, and that has followed me over the years since that time .  He said that there is a big difference between Proactive and Reactive ministry.  Reactive is simply responding to the needs as they appear. You know ... Stop for the one in front of you.  This can be an incredibly daunting task some times as the needs are so great. There are so many to help, but if we can start with those in front of us we have a start...   But here is the real challenge ..  Proactive ministry is not just waiting for the needs to appear, but it is going out and looking for those needs and responding to them BEFORE you are asked.  There can be so much HOPE and life transformation that takes place in the proactive..
Many times those in the most desperate places lack basic HOPE .. Hope motivates , HOPE encourages us, HOPE can pull us out of the dark places..but with out HOPE there is no faith , no drive , no motivation... those with out hope may not be found as" the ones in front of you" because they hide away in the shadows .. Proactive Ministry is found in the shadows seeking out those who have no name and bringing them into the light   

It was not that long ago that we had a farm full of kids with out HOPE .. this week they are starting University and Collage .. something that just a short time ago would have been impossible.  On top of that there was a small issue of  about $15 000 tuition and living expenses .. Take a look up at the thermometer on the right .. those needs have been met. So exciting .. 
So what does that mean now ... it means time to get proactive. 

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