Thursday, August 30, 2018

Larissa has a dream

 When there is no HOPE, it is hard to dream .. thats when people like Larissa step in and dream on their behalf !
When you spend your days in an institution with 270 other disabled people, the hope of one day feeling the fresh clean mountain air on your face, and the experience of salt water splashing your ankles .. all seem so impossible.     Well for some, thanks to Larissa, that dream my become a reality.  This weekend she would like to bring some of them for a few days to lake IssyKul .  We know we can not bring them all but we can start with half a dozen.  Larissa has asked if I would please put the word out and see if we can  help make this happen .. They have been working and saving and have raised enough money for  1 night , but she would like to surprise them and extend that stay a few more nights .  What she is looking for is $50 a person to make this possible    

Just imagine living here  
then waking up here

If you would like to help with this dream  please let me know , or you can donate on the top right side of the blog .  Thank you for anything you are able to do. 

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