Saturday, July 28, 2018

What about me ?

Summer is a time for camps and picnics .  This week we have been blessed at the farm to be able to host a summer camp / conference for families from Kyrgyzstan who have adopted from Kyrgyzstan . 
Along with a family holiday they will also have workshops and training with things like art and play therapy.  

 With between 20 and 40 extra guests on the farm at any one time,  it has been all hands on deck , all hands but Julie and I that is 😏

They have been doing an amazing job and everyone loves the food. 


One of the groups that came to the farm today went fishing first and then brought the fish to the farm for lunch.  what a treat . 

In the picture above I have high lighted one of our boys .  In so many of the pictures he appears there but not necessary engaged.  I wonder what might be going through his head.  As he looks around and sees families brought together by adoption, and people working to find homes for kids and get them out of the orphanages, is he thinking "What about me"  

  Mirlan  has missed out on so much in his life. He was born a few years before the understanding of permanent families for kids was a thing.  He would have done so well If he had of had a family that loved and cared for him.  He came to us beaten and abused, covered with scares and bruises and his feet covered with blisters. 

Mirlan has had child hood cerebral palsy along with great difficulty processing things,  I some times wonder if it was from birth, but how can a person process and make seance of the kind of child hood he had... maybe he just gave up trying to process. 

We are thankful for groups like we hosted this week that are working to make a difference in the lives of orphans.

We are thankful for people that sponsor the farm that make it possible for us to do things like this for them.

We are thankful for people that sponsor the farm so that we can start over with kids like Mirlan and be that family that he would have done so well in. 

Mirlan is not the only one of our kids that would have thrived if he had been adopted to a loving family when he was young.  I hate to have every blog post turn into a request for support, but the needs are just so great with education tuition,  medical needs , dental needs, and events and outings, and that does not even include basic living expenses like food and clothing.   Maybe you are not able to adopt kids into your home, but you can help a kid like Mirlan find a home at the farm .   

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