Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Hot Hot Hot !

The weather has been stupid hot at the farm, but the kids are surviving. 
we have the pool, so that is making things more bearable for them. 

A  few of the team went to the lake with the farm camp kids for a few days .  they all had a great time .  Next week we have 7 more kids going to camp. 

They have been picking cherries out in the flower garden to put into jars 

Now they are starting on the raspberries.  They have made 15 liters of jam in the last couple days.   

The zinnias have started to bloom in flower garden .

 With the extreme heat it has been hard on the plants, but they are holding on.   We have been flooding the fields , but it soon evaporates. 

looks like they will be eating spaghetti squash soon.  

 Our young girl we have been helping in the hospital with the skin grafts is doing well and is out of the hospital and back home now.  When the timing is right, Vlad will go see them and get some pictures. 

Julie and I have our flights booked and will be returning in a few weeks .  Lots to do this fall.  We have 5 groups coming to the farm, so it is going to be a busy fall.    

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