Wednesday, July 04, 2018

a few needs to get caught up.

We have been experiencing a heat wave here in Canada , We have been blessed to be able to spend this week with family and friends mountains in Quebec.  A small time of relaxing and enjoying the beach. 

In Kyrgyzstan they have a beautiful lake,  Isyk kool .. it is a high elevation salt water lake surrounded  by snow capped mountains .  Our kids at the farm have been wanting to go there desperately.   We just found out that the youth group that they attend is planing a week long trip there in a few weeks .  the only hitch is the meals accommodations and transportation   with eight kids wishing to go to camp this summer we are looking at $400 ,  

It sort of comes at a bad time for us, we are trying to raise money for them to go to collage and university in just a couple months . we also have had several medical needs with Argin and his bike accident , and |Aiperi with both teeth and nerve problems and our young friend in hospital with burns on her feet .  and just today Acel let us know that the next round of medical will be about $200     

We also have a need that we are both excited about and trying not to be stressed about .
Olga has been spearheading an initiative in Kyrgyzstan to get drugs alcohol and cigarettes out of the hands of kids.  through public training, stricter laws , and enforcement of existing laws, it is starting to make a difference.  

The opportunity has come for her to attend a one week conference in NYC about this very topic.  It will give her lots of ideas and information, but may also provide her with contacts for future development.    There  were a lot of barriers in the way but she has manages to get around almost all of them .. visa's,  flights, accommodations are now all covered but $300.   

All of these needs will be coming up in the next couple weeks so we will have to put the scholarship needs on hold until we can come up with $1000  to meet these needs.   

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