Thursday, May 10, 2018

A great opportunity for Vladic

Many of you know Sergey and Anya and their oldest son Vladic.   A couple years ago the grade level he was in at his old school here in Tokmok did not have enough students so he was going to have to find another school... and that he did.  He was excepted into the Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy with an incredible scholarship.  Vlad has been doing great.  In fact he has been invited back for one more year .
"We have also been very delighted with Vlad’s progress this year and are very proud of all of his accomplishments.  We would be honored to have him return in the fall and continue his studies at CHCA"

The total cost of of a years tuition and expenses is over $20 000 for the year .  Vlad have received a scholarship that will cover all but $2800 US.  and then he will need flights and Visa.  This will bring his total that he must raise up to $4000 US.    He needs to  confirm and have his tuition in to the school by June 15.   If you would be interested in helping with this in hole or in part please let me know at  or in box me on facebook.  

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