Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Queen Julie

The new truck arrived last night . 

Sergey was visiting a family in need today , bringing them food supplies.  The father has been laid off for the winter   He works in the window business for nine years now., but when things slow down he is one of the first to get laid off.  He has been collecting tools that he needs to start his own window business.  There are just two more tool needed , one is $120 and one is $200, then he will be ready to start his business.  He is looking for money  to get started.  If anyone was interested in helping with this, we would offer the money to him interest free with 30% forgivable if the rest was paid back before the end of the summer.  
Out at the farm , we are sinking in the mud and clay.  Where we have the barns and walk ways used to be garden, so it gets pretty slick, and after going for the tumbelina this week, I decided to get some gravel to clean things up a bit .  We have all the B gravel down now, and in a week or two when it is packed down we will get the washed rock for the top coat. . 

We were back up to the ranch to make planes for bringing the animals up, and placing the base for the yurt.  There is still so much snow there that we will not be able to get started there for a couple weeks.

Tomorrow we will call to arrange to have the power turned back on , then we can start getting things ready for the animals.  

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