Friday, March 10, 2017

a face lift for an old house

We began the day by getting the renovations under way for house two at the farm .
This home we patched up a but when we first bought it, but with out some extensive work on the foundation and walls it will quickly crumble .  

We weer planing to get this house fixed up this spring, but like everything else the plans have been hastened as we need to have it ready for Samat and his family to move in at the end of the month.  We were blessed when we were in Milbrook a few weeks ago and they wanted to sponsor this project.  

Well the new windows are in , and now we have started chipping off all the old plaster .  getting ready to re plaster   

 the fridges and the second washing machine arrived today for the kindergarten project so we took some time to deliver them.  Just a couple more items then the kitchen will be stocked and ready.  

We are hoping that in the next week or so we will be done and be able to host the Bishkek Rotary club for a visit to the farm and a chance to see this project that was sponsored by the Peterborough Kawartha Rotary club.

Back on the farm we were excited about the arrival of a new healthy baby calf .. yeah.. its a girl !

she is a very watchful mom , and with horns like that I need to be watchful too. 

Before leaving the farm, we made a trip up to the ranch to to see the house our selves .. It has such great potential.  hahaha OK so you have to have a vision. but you know the greatest asset is the view and the location .. the rest is just bricks and mortar.   here is a great view of the house ! 

we took a scout around to see the best place to set up the yurt.  We are thinking this looks like a good spot.    The camp where we bought the yurt is rigging up a sled to pull behind the horses to get it down out of the deep snow,so we will be ready to go sooner then we thought.  

what a beautiful sight  

and the view is not so bad either.

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