Thursday, March 30, 2017

Green house update and more

Yesterday the doors got installed on the second green house, so we are set and ready to roll with it.  The tomatoes started in the first green house are now all transplanted.  Ulukbek and his son where working hard at it today . 

the cucumbers are continuing to do great .  

New windows are in at the main house .  now they just have to cement around them 

the addition is coming along great, and Marat loves his NEW glasses . 


all the supplies ready for the kitchen at the main house 

this family would like to thank everyone who provided vitamins .. 

 A quick update on a couple other needs I had shared .    he young friend was able to get his tuition and dorm expenses covered by one of our loving supporters.  As well the hospital funds came in and the work will be finished and the clinic ready to open possibly as early as next week . 

We have been refinishing an old table as well as a second coat of finish on the table from the guest house.  

For those of you who have read through to the end of this post  We do have a need that we would like to find a sponsor for.  We currently have about 15 pigs. We do let them out from time to time to play in the garden, but next week we will start planting the fields so we need to come up with a large secure area for them outside.  In the past we have tried wire, and they walk right through it , we have tried wood and they eat there way through it , but we have found these large steel fences .   

We already have the foundation and the posts in, and will be able to cut these into three pieces to give us a 4 foot high fence all the way around this pen.  To do this would be $250   

While I was working on this post, They got the old counter out of the kitchen.  It needs to be washed and bleached, then will be hooked up along this wall .  

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