Monday, December 26, 2016

Rolling out the parties

Every one is getting ready for for the next round of Christmas parties.  Lots of shopping, packing bags and popping popcorn .  Every one is put to work .  Christmas holidays last for a couple weeks .. starting Yesterday with Christmas , ending on Jan 7 with the Orthodox Christmas, and new years in the middle .. Its a good thing we have a long holiday as there is so much to do. 


This morning actually tonight in Kyrgyzstan they had a special meal and a gift exchange at the farm 

Tomorrow they will also start preparing for animal deliveries to many families in need.  Jengish and Emma have been working with other NGO's supporting families to find the best homes for the animals sponsored .  

Here is what they will be delivering over the next few days from the Christmas Catalogue  .  

2 goats (Munch & Chomp) + 1 chicken (Mortimer) + 1 rabbit (Solomon) + 6 duck (Trumpkin, Joey Jeffrey Nicholas, Harley-Quinn and Pizza Head) + 1 goose (Goosey) 5 food hampers and 250 kg (550 lbs) of meat delivered to 7 different orphanages and many families and institutions we work with. They will also be picking up some craft supplies for the farm    

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