Saturday, December 31, 2016

Ready for new years

Tonight will be one of the largest celebrations of the year in Kyrgyzstan. What a great time to show up with some special gifts for some families and orphanages.  

We had a total of 6 ducks that were purchased from the farm for donations to families .  Jengish's brother was helping today as they delivered these ducks as well  as food hampers donated through our friends at Possibilities International

Joey, Jeffrey Nicholas, Harley Quinn , Pizza Head and Trumpkin all have new homes .

As part of the pie in the face challenge, along with parties and gifts, we are delivering beef to many of the orphanages .  Today they delivered to the baby orphanage as well as to our friends from Orlofka and Kemin. 

A few days ago we got a call from Olga.. she was giggling as she said that she may have accidentally invited 50 kids to the center for Christmas gifts this year .  Now you may ask how that can happen, but I have been there and I know exactly how that can happen .  We were so pleased to be able to help. I was even more encouraged by the support that came from the community as well.  As I was looking threw the photos this morning, I was thrilled to see others I recognized helping her out,  like the man we get our windows from .. seen here giving back . 

This year there was a change to the uniform rules for the schools, and a new uniform was chosen that is very expensive .  This has brought great hardship to many families who have not had the funds to purchase them.  Today some of these families found relief from friends of Olga's .. look how tightly this young man is hanging on to his jacket.  such a blessing. 

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