Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Blessed to be a blessing !

I have some exciting news to share.  Actually two things, each deserving of its own blog post, so to see more great news, follow the link  at the bottom .. 

If you have been looking at the  Christmas wish Catalogue , you will have noticed that this year there is a slight change .. We are so blessed that the farm has matured to the point where we are not in need of more animals right now, but are in a position to start selling animals  What we do know is that there are many hurting around us that are not in the same position, so we have an opportunity to help. 

A few days ago we had someone donate a milk goat to go to such a family.  We had a few in mind, but at the same time as the donation came in we were contacted about a family in our area that is in a desperate situation.  There home is in very bad shape and needs a lot of work.  They have three kids, and the children are all very sick from malnutrition.   We had given them some  vitamins , but this is an opportunity to do more. 

Today the guys went out and picked out the best milk goat , and a few bails of hay, and delivered it to the family .  Can you just imagine  how thrilled they were, and the relief that a donation like this can bring to this family. 

What a great Christmas gift to get that hard to shop for person, the one who has everything they need.  Through a gift like this, a young family is able to start the long road out of poverty .   If you would like to support something like this , use one of the donate buttons on the side of the blog, and then print off this gift certificate .

Now for some more exciting news follow this link 

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