Monday, September 12, 2016

Moments in time

Iskra fire , 18 families loose their home, We were able to renovate an old hospital to accommodate them all 

There are moments in time that seem to stick with you.  Have you ever stood beside someone and physically felt the pain that they were experiencing ?    I have people tell me all the time " I love the passion that you have when you share about what you do." I always say I am not sure if that is passion or Post Traumatic Stress .    

Her apartment burned out while she was at her husbands funeral .. we were able to  fully renovate and get her back into her home 

For a few months now I have not changed my cover photo or my profile picture on FB ..

I could choose to forget things like this and just move on, or I could ask myself "Why did God choose to have me there"  I here people in the face of terrible situations ask "Where is God in this ?" but in reality the fact that they are asking that means that he is present .. if he was not . no one would ask. 

He uses everyday people like YOU and ME.. to show his love. 

In the above photo, as I stood at the door of this home something was going through my head .. 

2 weeks earlier I was asked to help the fire department find fire equipment so that they could go into buildings to rescue people.  I had made some calls but nothing panned out .. When we arrived in Kyrgyzstan we were alerted to a situation that had occurred just days before.  A man died in this fire because there was no gear to go in and bring him out.   This Babushka started her life in the orphanage, and now at 76 years old  she again had no family left and is once more on her own.  It was small solace that the fire occurred before I landed, however it is a reminder to me that things don't always just happen if WE do not do something .  It is easy to think " Well someone will take care of that " but that is not always the case.    These things remind me that we need to not just put things off waiting for others, but if we push forward regardless of resources, it becomes an opportunity for others to get involved as well and  great things can Happen. 

I now have 200 LBS of fire equipment packed in 4 hockey bags ready to travel to Kyrgyzstan in under 2 weeks .  the cost to get them here is $155 a bag.  money we don't have, but knowing the importance of their contents.. we will bring them anyways ..  I was so blessed this morning to get up and read that one of the bags has been sponsored already .. 

I KNOW that we can make this happen .. 

P.S.  A team from the Light house is coming with P.I.  in a couple weeks and will rebuild her home as well  .. watch here to see the progress. 

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